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Anne Torp

Forkjøpsretten er den viktigste medlemsfordelen OBOS-medlemmer har. Den gir deg en plass foran i boligkøen, og kan utgjøre den store forskjellen når du skal skaffe deg et nytt sted å bo.

Leo Eskildsen

Champions start at @IMGAcademy—we’re proud to have captured their journey. Check out our latest work featured on @Adweek :https://adage.com/creativity/work/img-academy-everyone-starts-somewhere/2166546?_ptid=%7Bjcx%7DH4sIAAAAAAAAAI2QW3OCMBCF_0uejZMEwsU3WsFS2-qoZbRvMQYMw00IKO30vxeY2o4zfei-7X7n7OyeD8DkAUyAXp6ed-27207BCBQsEoEUZ78nBGEbIgoRhhhDZEJdg0Q3YDDX11vvqWWvHsbpLIe2blosDG2d7gXDtk0Z2YdUQ8JkhId71i0Wl0KUUmRcDKvdrR8sd8F87lp3N9S9CF4rmWeDDFsIcTtHcQVRV-QUx6qRUtPzvDAS3pBIyurG7_Afc3XMzxuRFglTwnnc0MWSUpP4U4xxZzmy6grBRJW1GAH13Q_uxWaG7lfrt6n_YoNfFrBSskz1kqxOkhHgLC2YjLLqOmhkJQcOGvhngiaGD7UXr7zAUt5aWtxp_5OgLPpAkDWmZEx0bUyI0U3rSpROJDLVwUPK-0tVAia4e5VaJjHI5xfxuHVC6AEAAA&CSAuthResp=1556723306031%3A0%3A2211524%3A285215427%3A24%3Asuccess%3A5C81F5D303D8F02AAD621B31819CADAA …

Gry Dahl

One Washington Square. The name itself evokes a sense of authenticity. History. Bank..ery. In the heart of the historic district, the Philadelphia office features views directly overlooking Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, with cityscape, waterfront, and construction scenes off to the left and right. Chock full of 30,000 square feet of space, One Wash (a cool nickname that has failed to gain traction) features ceilings, floors, staplers, and other things you’d need to construct an office. There’s also an outdoor, fully-furnished deck and observation area. Some popular things to observe include: Independence Hall, grass, weather, different weather, birds, helicopters with Geico ads, and New Jersey.

Alma Kofod

Director of Media Relations
215 732 3200

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