Omkring Lending Wire

Specialty Funding for Real Estate and Businesses Transactions
Lotte Bisgaard

MSF Lending offers debt financing for investment properties (non-owner occupied), that include residential, mixed-use, and commercial real estate. Typically, the properties are distressed often having an underlying loan that is non-performing. Our unique approach offers flexible financing solutions to borrowers.

Oakwood Lending
Gudrun Magnussen

The closing attorney will check that the title is clean. Property insurance must name Oakwood Lending as the mortgagee (not additional insured). The policy must be issued and paid for 6 months or the term of the loan, whichever is longer. The Premium should be a line item on the HUD 1, and paid by the closing attorney to your insurance company. The closing attorney should provide a draft of the HUD a day or two before closing for approval. We’ll give the green light and wire funds to the closing attorney.

American Made Baling Wire
Leo Eskildsen

Our cardboard baling wire is created for quality, annealed for durability, galvanized for function, and tested for strength. It’s 100% made in the USA, and where other cardboard baling wire sellers cut weight, durability, and strength, we stand firm.

See how we work with you with our hard money loans FAQ
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